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What is
HiveCentral is a collection of ventures that we, as Gagne +associates, have begun to provide additional services, expand our offerings and generate awareness in both the Christian and worldly communities.
We have been told we are "incubators" for ideas - these are the ideas that we have birthed - some of which are still in the baby-steps phase and some that are fully functional.

For more information on any HiveCentral website, please read below:

www.verses.ws (in process)
Ver:ses™ offers to visitors free e-cards that combine the beauty of God's creation with the Holy Scriptures to provide encouragement to people at home, in the work place or on their laptop while traveling. Ver:ses also provides a Bible-in-a-Year for people who sign-up and commit to reading a daily email we send them with the daily scripture reading - and after a years period will have read through the whole Bible.

www.learningkingdom.org (in process)
Alpha & Omega : The Learning Kingdom is a childrens' website with fun, interactive activities and great tools for parents too.
Still in development phase.

Snowman Soup is a specialty online gift store offering products that would meet to the delights of any snowman - mainly hot chocolate. Our hot chocolate gift mugs are not your ordinary cup of cocoa and inspired by various cultures from around the world, you get to taste hot chocolate like you've never tasted it before.

www.dinnerbelles.com (in process)
DinnerBelles is a website that provides homemakers a recipe for success in the home no matter what the task ahead is. Isa"belle"s desire to share with homemakers the basics of preparing foods from scratch to creating a masterpiece for company is available for viewing via RealVideo. In addition, Belle is gathering like-minded women to share their expertise in areas such as fashion design, sewing, pastoral counselling and more. The site will continue to grow and meet the needs of homemakers the world over.

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