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OCT. / 2003 "Oh well, it's good enough..."
by David Gagné, R.G.D.

Too often too many churches, ministries and Christ-centered businesses settle for "good enough." Thus we started Ministrybeehive in 1999 to combat this attitude within the "church" and began equipping God's people with effective communications tools to get their message across in the society in which we live.

Aim High
Do you know any successful people in business? In ministry? Have you ever heard them say, "Oh well, it's good enough...?" Odds are you haven't. Why? Because they are very aware of what it takes to be a success in all areas. In regards to marketing collateral, which is our strength, take note of how they communicate to others who they are and what they do. They most likely hire professionals to create specific marketing tools such as brochures, banners, flyers, etc to a specific target audience. Worldly businesses do this daily to all of us. We're simply bombarded by messages competing for one another in the world. Churches have a unique role to play in the daily lives of people and that is to communicate the Gospel message in excellence amongst the rest of the worldly advertising people are exposed to. However it's very easy for your message to get lost in with all the other advertising - but when done in excellence it will stand out due to its uniqueness.

The "Highering" Process
How do you then make it stand out amongst all others? Simple. Hire a professional. How do you know they are professional? Simple. Interview them as if you were hiring them to become part of your staff. If they don't share your same goals, objectives, vision and purpose regarding your marketing and promotional efforts then the likelihood is they would not make a good hire. Do they simply want your business or do they want you to succeed and become a partner in your ministry efforts? Are they willing to got the extra mile as you are? Do they have a portfolio demonstrating the look and feel that you desire for your materials? What do others say about using their services? Have they been in operation for some time or are they fly-by-night? It's important that you make sure that your designer(s) are not only on your team but part of your team.

The "Hive" Process
Where?-do you ask can you find a design team that desires your desires for marketing? Well, if we didn't make a plug for ourselves here we would be failing ourselves regarding our marketing efforts. Since 1999 Ministrybeehive has become the premier choice for churches, ministries and Christ centered businesses around the globe for their communications needs. Our mandate is simply to bring Glory to God in all we do. Doing all we do in excellence we have been able to deliver designs that have impact in communities, cities and the world. Our secondary goal is to make your marketing efforts shine brightly amongst the clutter of materials people are exposed to on a daily basis. We do this by employing the design and marketing tactics we have acquired over our 15 years in designing secularly for industries such as food, clothing, IT, aerospace, manufacturing, legal, financial and more. We understand that getting the message out quickly, effectively and efficiently is your goal. We've experience in meeting the most demanding design demands for Fortune 500 firms and treat your church, ministry, organization or Christ-centered business in the same manner because your priorities become our priorities. Our online portfolio showcases a broad range of our design abilities but not our limits. In regards to what our clients have to say about us and the designs we've delivered, here is a sampling:

A Change in Altitude
So, when you're ready to go from the attitude of "it's good enough" to a higher altitude of "I won't accept anything less than excellent", contact us to partner with you to deliver design that generates results.

David Gagne, R.G.D.
Creative Director / President
Ministrybeehive Christian Communications
Gagné +associates

David and Isabelle Gagne have over 20 years combined experience in marketing and graphic design. He and his wife operate Ministrybeehive Christian Communications serving churches, ministries and organizations the world over with excellence in graphic/web design and marketing strategies. They may be reached for Media Ministry consultation at thegagnes@ministrybeehive.com

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